The Ultimate Guide to Summer Accessories: Hats, Sunglasses, and More

Summer is here, and it’s time to ditch the heavy layers and embrace a lighter, more colourful summer fashion wardrobe. But in the summer, it’s not just about the clothes; accessories play an equally important role in completing your summer look. 

From hats to sunglasses and everything in between, the right accessories can elevate your style and keep you comfortable in the heat. This guide will explore the different types of summer accessories, how to style them, and trends to look out for this season.

20 best sun hats of 2023 with UPF protection to keep skin safe


Hats are a stylish accessory and serve the practical purpose of protecting your skin from harsh sun rays. The wide variety of hats available makes it easy to find one that complements your face shape and personal style. Here are some popular hat styles for the summer season:

  1. Baseball Caps – Baseball caps are an excellent option for a casual, sporty look. They’re perfect for beach days and outdoor activities.
  2. Bucket Hats – Bucket hats are back in trend and are versatile accessories that can be styled in many ways. You can wear them with anything from a swimsuit to a sundress.
  3. Floppy Hats – Floppy hats are perfect for a chic and elegant summer look. They provide maximum sun protection while adding a touch of glamour to your outfit.

When it comes to materials, straw and cotton are popular choices for summer hats. They’re breathable, lightweight, and comfortable in hot weather. Style your hat with sunglasses, and you’re good to go!


Sunglasses are a must-have accessory in the summer season. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they also add a touch of style to your look. Here are some of the trending sunglass styles for summer 2023:

  1. Cat-eye Sunglasses – Cat-eye sunglasses are a classic style and always in fashion. They add a retro touch to your outfit and are perfect for casual and formal occasions.
  2. Oversized Sunglasses – Oversized sunglasses are making a comeback this season. They’re perfect for adding drama and glamour to your outfit.
  3. Round Sunglasses – Round sunglasses are a trendy and unique option for those who want to stand out. They come in various sizes and styles, making them a versatile accessory.

When choosing sunglasses, look for ones that offer UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful rays.


Bags are an essential accessory for carrying all your summer essentials. There are various bags to choose from, depending on your needs and style. Here are some popular summer bag styles:

  1. Tote Bags – Tote bags are a classic summer bag that can hold everything from beach towels to groceries. They’re versatile, stylish, and perfect for carrying your essentials.
  2. Crossbody Bags – Crossbody bags are an excellent option for those who want to keep their hands free while running errands or exploring a new city. They come in various sizes and styles, making them a versatile accessory.
  3. Straw Bags – Straw bags are a summer staple that never goes out of fashion. They add a bohemian touch to your outfit and are perfect for a beach or pool day.

When it comes to materials, consider sustainable options like organic cotton or recycled materials for an eco-friendly choice. Style your bag with a flowy summer dress or denim shorts for a chic summer look.


Jewellery is the perfect accessory for adding colour and personality to summer outfits. Here are some popular summer jewellery trends:

  1. Layered Necklaces: Layered necklaces are a trendy and fun way to accessorize your outfit. Mix and match different lengths and styles to create a unique look.
  2. Hoop Earrings – Hoop earrings are a classic summer accessory that adds a touch of glamour to your look. These statement earrings come in various sizes and styles, from thin to thick and are embellished with beads or stones.
  3. Shell Jewelry – Shell jewellery is a popular trend this summer. These accessories, from bracelets to necklaces, add a beachy vibe to any outfit.

When it comes to styling jewellery, less is often more. Choose one statement piece and keep the rest of your accessories minimal to avoid a cluttered look.


Summer footwear should be comfortable, breathable, and stylish. Here are some popular summer shoe styles:

  1. Slides – Slides are an excellent option for a casual and effortless look. They come in various styles, from sporty to glam, and are perfect for the beach or pool.
  2. Espadrilles – Espadrilles are a trendy and comfortable option for summer. They come in various styles, from flat to wedges, and are perfect for casual and dressy occasions.
  3. Flip Flops Colourful flip flops are a timeless summer staple. They’re perfect for a quick trip to the store or a day at the beach.

When choosing summer footwear, use breathable materials like cotton or leather to avoid sweaty feet.


Summer accessories can add a touch of style and functionality to your summer wardrobe. From hats to sunglasses, bags, jewellery, and footwear, there are various options to complete your look. Keep in mind that the right accessories can also provide practical benefits like sun protection and comfort. By following these trends and styling tips, you can create a unique and stylish summer look that is functional and fashionable.